Welcome Series

MageMail comes with 22 beautiful email trigger and campaign templates proven to generate an average of 15% more revenue. Our super-simple WYSIWYG-style editor requires zero coding or design experience and will have you up and running in minutes.

Welcome Emails

Send a customized welcome email to your new customers after their first order. This is a great way to further introduce your brand and highlight any upcoming promotions, unique programs, or benefits. These emails get an 86% higher open rate on average and are guarantee to put a smile on your customer’s face.

Registered But Didn't Checkout

Send an automatic email to customers who registered on your site but didn’t start their first order. A small incentive goes a long way to complete that first purchase.

Social Media Connect

Part of the welcome series, this template gives you a great starting point to highlight some of your social media profiles to your customers and encourage them to engage with you online for promotions and product updates.

One-Click Login

Customers are automatically logged-in when clicking through on an email. This allows them to complete checkouts faster and abandon purchases much less frequently.

Pre-Built Templates

Our WYSIWYG email editor lets you edit any individual triggered email with drag-and-drop content blocks. Cut your time designing emails from hours to minutes, and send professional-looking, highly clickable emails without any design or coding experience.


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