Staying In Touch

Canned responses and untailored emails are a turn-off. MageMail’s “Stay in Touch” series is the friendliest way to suggest relevant new products or wish a happy birthday to your customers (not only is it thoughtful, but studies by Experian show birthday emails get 5x the usual transaction rate).

Monthly Newsletter

The Monthly Newsletter template gives you a simple yet beautiful structure for updating your customers about your latest products, news, and social media links.

New Product Blast

The new products trigger sends out an automatically customized heads-up email about new products you’ve added to customers who haven’t purchased recently, bringing them back with the latest in your lineup.

Wishlist Reminders

Reach out to customers who created wishlists in the past but haven’t acted on them yet – remind them about the products they love.

Happy Birthday

How better to show your customers you care than wishing them a happy birthday on or near the day? Send a limited-time discount code or simply send your best wishes and enjoy an average 500% jump in your closing rate!

Best Customers

Send an email to your best customers to recognize their loyalty. A discount coupon, membership, or some form of recognition can make a great customer even greater!

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are automatically custom-tailored to each of your customers based on past purchases and customer behavior. Done-for-you recommendations: no manual setup required.


The cross-sell trigger sends an email out to customers highlighting any logical cross-sell opportunity products, all automatically. Great for your customers, even better for you.

Up-selling Related Products

This trigger automatically recommends customized upgrade and up-sell opportunities to customers who haven’t purchased recently but have looked at relevant products.

Pre-Built & Customizable Templates

Our WYSIWYG email editor lets you edit any individual triggered email with drag-and-drop content blocks. Cut your time designing emails from hours to minutes, and send professional-looking, highly clickable emails without any design or coding experience.

Refer a Friend

This email trigger goes out to customers a week or so after their first purchase and gives them a coupon they can share with friends. A great way to delight new customers while exponentially expanding your clientele!


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