Revenue Recovery

MageMail’s automated transactional emails build engagement, reactivate old users, and incentivize the easily distracted internet shopper to pick up where they left off. Studies by the Baymard Institute found the average abandoned cart rate to be 70%, but with MageMail’s real-time inventory visibility, your customers will never be left with incomplete orders.

Abandoned Carts

Automatically send customized emails featuring products your customers added to their cart but didn’t checkout. Our automation logic ensures that you can send multiple abandoned cart emails without ever emailing a customer who already purchased. With an average industry abandoned cart rate of 70%, this email trigger is a must for every Magento store.


When customers are about to become inactive, send a series of emails to entice them to come back and buy again with you. Reminders about current or upcoming promotions, small incentives, or even just a “hey, we missed you” is usually enough to convert an inactive customer to a buying one.

Review Requests

You deserve great reviews, and your customers are ready to give them! Remind your customers to review your products awhile after they’ve received them. Not only will you increase product reviews, but you’ll also drive more sales. Usually a little reminder is all it takes.

Unpaid Orders

This email trigger goes out to customers a few days after their order was placed, if the order remains in a pending state. It’s a great way to recapture orders that never finished processing.

Order Confirmation

Send order confirmation emails to customers who have just completed an order on your website. This is a great professional touch and minimizes order cancellations.

One-Click Discounts, Loyalty and Reward Programs

Reduce friction by not requiring customers to copy and paste a coupon code. Discounts and any memberships are applied automatically when they click through on an email.

Real-Time Inventory

Product recommendations and wish list reminders never include products that are out of stock. Inventory is always up to date, to the second.

Customizable Templates

Our WYSIWYG email editor lets you edit any individual triggered email with drag-and-drop content blocks. Cut your time designing emails from hours to minutes, and send professional-looking, highly clickable emails without any design or coding experience.


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