Customer Personalization

Data is king. Understanding your customers’ buyer personas and what stage they’re at in the buying cycle is key to long-term success, and it’s not as daunting as it sounds. At MageMail, we help our customers start identifying and acting on these data points from day one.


Use pre-built campaigns or let MageMail help you create hyper-segmented campaigns with laser-focused emails targeting specific buyers based on past behavior, demographics, location, and other criteria. Countless studies show: the more personalized the targeting, the higher the transaction rate.

A/B Split Testing

Test and optimize subject lines, email content, discounts, sending frequency, and more. Every aspect of each email trigger is testable, so you can find the most optimal roll-out for every aspect of your email marketing.

KPIs at a Glance

Keep track of the performance of your triggered email campaigns with a simple KPI dashboard, including open rate, revenue per email, and other key metrics. You’ll always know how much extra revenue MageMail is making you, and how to make even more.


Automatically personalize emails with photos and randomized signature sign-offs to give all of your emails more of a human touch.

Sending Window

Reach your customers at the right time. Specify a time range for emails to go out based on the customer’s time zone, so they’ll always receive your emails when their inbox is open, and not when they’re asleep.


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