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Our Story

MageMail was founded in 2015 to solve a major issue in the e-commerce industry: the high rate of abandoned carts and subsequent lost revenue for merchants. According to most studies, the abandoned cart rates range from 60% to 70%!

Designed and built specifically for Magento, the first release of MageMail gained rave reviews from users for its ease of use, results-based price, and effectiveness, often recovering between 15 and 25% of sales.

MageMail continued to evolve, soon offering a full suite of highly customizable email triggers and popups targeting customer behavior and events, such as wish lists, birthday reminders, cross-promotions, and product up-sells.

In Oct. 2016, MageMail was acquired by FE International (FE), a leader in the SaaS M&A space. With FE’s backing, we entered the next stage of our evolution, growing world-class team of e-commerce experts and releasing the next generation platform in Q1 of 2018.

Our Culture

Culture isn’t just important, it’s the #1 factor we apply in hiring and retaining people, working with customers and with each other, and making daily decisions.

We’re a tech company, but we also know by experience – by failing and succeeding – that it’s not ping pong, happy hours, and free snacks that make the difference in building a great company. We have fun, but we are also serious about our customers’ and our businesses success.

To sum it up, we’re pragmatic and avoid the roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. We celebrate our wins but remain humble and move on to the next challenge. Likewise, we reflect on our failures, fix our mistakes, adapt, and move on without ruminating on the past.

We’re always looking for great people, so if that sounds like you, check out the open roles on angel.co. Or, if nothing matches, send us an email. We always keep great candidates in record.


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